Servicing and Support of MV Switchgear

Servicing and Support of MV Switchgear

Malaysian Switchgear (Pty) Ltd offers servicing and maintenance on all Tamco as well as other switchgear brands.

Our services include:

  • Open gap vacuum testing on breakers (VI)
  • Speed Trace testing to check the open and closing time on the breaker (VI)
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Contact resistance testing on breakers (VI)
  • Function testing
  • Cleaning of circuit breakers (VI) and panels by using a compressor with a cleaning solvent
  • Greasing and oiling all parts that require lubrication
  • Optional extras – partial discharge testing
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Dry Ice (C02) Blast Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning technology that involves the acceleration of dry ice (CO2) pellets in a pressurised jet air stream at the speed of sound, to impact a substrate requiring cleaning. Dry ice pellets are a solid form of Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is at a temperature of -78.5°C, with a 3mm diameter. The dry ice pellets are inert (non-combustible), non-flammable, non-conductive (making it electrically safe), odourless and non-toxic and is a recycled man-made bi-product of hydrocarbon and ammonia production.

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